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A platform for adding internet cabilities to everyday objects.

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ObjectVoice Platform

ObjectVoice technology securely connects your physical devices and objects to any cloud-based data source including media, SaaS services, and web addresses. Our full featured API can be integrated into an existing app by your in-house developers using the ObjectVoice SDK, or have a custom implementation developed by our engineering team. With our consulting and custom implementation services, you can have the power of IoT running in your enterprise in weeks, not months.

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ObjectVoice Smart Cities

Beginning in 2018, ObjectVoice has been showing the world how it’s technology can be used to turn cultural elements of a city like art, architecture, and history into a walk-able outdoor gallery for citizens and tourists to enjoy. The analytics gathered from these galleries and our ‘Cultural Campaigns’ will not only help you bring needed vitality to your local downtown economy but are also essential to understanding the role that cultural additions, like murals, have in contributing to a healthy community.

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