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A platform for adding internet abilities to everyday objects. Today.

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ObjectVoice technology securely connects your physical devices and objects to any cloud-based data source including media, SaaS services, and web addresses. Our full featured API can be integrated into an existing app by your in-house developers using the ObjectVoice SDK, or have a custom implementation developed by our engineering team. With our consulting and custom implementation services, you can have the power of IoT running in your enterprise in weeks, not months.

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The Impact Already Made with ObjectVoice

Covid-19 Response

Balancing the need to keep our communities safe while also protecting our economy is paramount. ObjectVoice has joined forces with a local Health technology firm to develop a smart ID badge that provides employees with reliable Covid-19 testing  as well as the medical information needed to know when it’s safe to return to work.

Mural Festivals

Murals add vibrancy, pride, inclusion, and worth to the community or neighborhood that they reside in and every mural has a story to tell. Self-proclaimed street art scientists PixelStix is using ObjectVoice technology to turn murals into galleries by placing the story of each mural on the actual wall for anyone to enjoy with a tap of their phone.


TeleHealth is changing the way we view Healthcare while also bringing capabilities that greatly improve it’s supply chain and workflow. Bronson Medical has teamed up with ObjectVoice to expand their flagship Medsoft EMR beyond the confines of a web portal and onto the medical devices used by doctors and laboratories as well as wearables used by patients.