ObjectVoice Smart Cities

Turn your City or Campus into a Cultural Gallery


  • A cost-effective way to transform your city into an art gallery
  • Free app for your citizens and tourists to explore the culture of your city in safe and socially distanced ways
  • Localized economic stimulus via cultural campaigns
  • Additional revenue streams for your city’s cultural programs
  • Immediate innovation added to your city’s private and public galleries

Becoming an ObjectVoice Smart City is a 6 month process where we will implement our patent-pending technology plaques directly into the murals, public art, architecture, private/public galleries and historical sites of your city. We will teach your city how to design and market ‘Cultural Campaigns’, such as the wildly popular Drive-In Mural Theater in St Petesersburg, FL, which will allow you to safely bring people back into your downtown areas.

Citizens and tourists can either use your existing app or our free PixelStix app for finding and interacting with your city’s art and culture.

Lastly we will provide you with the analytics that your city needs to not only measure the success of the Cultural Campaigns but also measure how your community is affected by the cultural tours in your city. We are looking for 5 U.S. cities beginning in October 2020 to become ObjectVoice Smart Cities and are currently hosting presentations for interested cities.

Interested in becoming a Smart City?