For Businesses

Simply put, ObjectVoice enables a physical object to be in-expensively connected to the internet without the use of batteries or electricity. Based on the type of product or service your business offers, ObjectVoice can have tremendous impact – all of which can be white-labeled under your brand or used with our free downloadable app.








Saas Services

If your service is software-based you will typically provide a login portal for users to do their work. In most cases that work can be done using the portal but if your platform deals with objects in the real world this is where ObjectVoice can give you an advantage. With the combination of micro-services and ObjectVoice, each real-world object can be a small extension of your platform that performs a minor task that is meant for the object. This provides a ‘connected-ness’ between real-world objects and your platform.

Content Services

If your service is content-based in any form, you can use ObjectVoice to put your content on physical objects, giving your audience a real-world, tangible way to stay connected and even interact.

Physical Products

If your product is already a physical product, no matter the size, ObjectVoice technology can enable it to be connected to websites, software systems, or even allow consumers to upload their own content onto your product.

Connecting products to the internet has traditionally been unavailable to companies that don’t have vast financial or human resources. In order to change that, we have spent years designing a set of software and hardware solutions that enable companies likes yours to harness the world of connected products that is both affordable and immediately available. We’ve built these tools for you so that you can focus on your product and how it can meet the needs of your customers rather than justifying an expensive technology solution.

These tools have been built to be adaptive to your process in exploring what it means to have a connected product. ObjectVoice can be used ‘out-of-the-box’ with a bare set of tools meant for rapid testing and evaluation. Or, when you are ready to roll out a fully integrated solution, it can be used as software inside your existing apps .